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We are bringing the Integrated Management System to perfection

02-10-2012  News

In order to satisfy Client’s requirements and to develop the implemented management system ORLEN Laboratorium expanded the range of fulfilled requirements by standards of the Quality Practices & Guidelines system of the company Exxon Mobil. This system is used for verification of products made by Exxon Mobil in terms of adequate precision and attention to detail.
On 19-20 September in the current year in the Regional Laboratory in Jedlicze a certifying audit concerning requirements of the foregoing system took place. They are mostly coherent with directives of the PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard, and hence with the Quality Management System implemented by ORLEN Laboratorium in 2004. Implementation of said system will enable the Regional Laboratory in Jedlicze to provide services in the field of analyses of tests of lubricating agents for clients with specific requirements based on standards of the QP&G system.

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