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ORLEN Laboratorium Competence Third Time Approved

31-07-2012  News

The growing number of laboratories accredited by the Polish Centre for Accreditation or seeking such accreditation shows that it provides a competitive edge on the market. Currently, customers consider it more and more important for their product analyses to be carried out based on accredited test methods. Accreditation is a formal approval of a laboratory’s competence to carry out tests and analyses by an authorised accreditation body. Thus customers can be sure that the laboratory complies with the relevant standards and their test results are accurate and reliable. 
The accreditation procedure is set out in international standards and guidelines laying down requirements for units subject to accreditation, while operations of accredited laboratories are supervised and monitored by the Polish Centre for Accreditation. Accreditation certificates are awarded for a period of four years based on the results of a detailed audit with the aim of evaluating working methods and competence of a laboratory to perform tests and analyses. After the laboratory is accredited, it is audited on a yearly basis with a view to checking that it continues to comply with the relevant requirements, including accreditation standards.
ORLEN Laboratorium was first awarded the Accreditation Certificate in April 2004. Since then the scope of the Company’s accredited methods and testing facilities has been successively expanded as a result of subsequent successful re-accreditation audits.
On 3 April 2012, the Polish Centre for Accreditation, based on the audit which took place on 5 - 13 December 2011, has awarded the Company with Accreditation Certificate for the third time, thus certifying the competence of our laboratories to carry out tests and analyses.  With the extension of the accreditation for the next third cycle (to April 2016), we have expanded our accreditation scope to include new methods and facilities: three new testing methods for terephtalic acid in the Regional Laboratory in Włocławek and parameters for testing water, waste water, FAME asphalts and bioethanol - a total of 12 testing methods.
“Accreditation Certificate is awarded with a view to building and strengthening confidence in test results and operations of the Company, it is also an objective proof showing that ORLEN Laboratorium complies with the best practices, has the required technical competence and an efficient management system", pointed out Józef Więckowski, President of the Management Board.
The current scope of accreditation certificate held by ORLEN Laboratorium includes 294 testing and sampling methods. The Company continues to successively expand the accreditation scope in response to customers’ needs and changing market requirements which are monitored by the Company on an ongoing basis.

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