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We upgrade correspondence flow

11-01-2013  News

In 2011 ORLEN Laboratorium reached for comprehensive instruments supporting processes of management of documentation in the company - NND Integrum Program. The NND 9000 module, implemented at that time, intended for checking documentation turned out to be a perfect solution enabling registration and storage of internal documents i.e. procedures, instructions, regulations, legal acts and a number of other documents used in the Company. This significantly contributed to reduction of costs, time and space for printing and storing documents in a paper version.
Further to this, the Company implements another module - NND DOC intended for supporting workflow such as: incoming and outgoing correspondence, contracts, applications, offers, orders. At the present moment, staff members are being trained to work with the new instrument which will be launched at the beginning of February of the current year.
The main benefits arising from implementation of the NND DOC module:
·         access, in due time and place, to all documents intended exclusively for authorised persons,
·         automatic notification of all staff members of each new document which refers to them,
·         electronic information about a date of realisation,
·         access to full background of a document,
·         order in documentation and quick access to it, reduction of time for access to a relevant document to several seconds,
·         reduction of costs of submitting paper documentation (costs of paper, costs of exploitation of office equipment, costs of office space and labour costs).
These are only some of the advantages of the implemented solution, which - as we hope - will turn out to be an improvement not only for staff members, but also for our Customers and Partners.

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