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We support young people in need

08-05-2013  News

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ORLEN Laboratorium has already for the second time supported the Special School and Education Centre No. 2 in Płock. It handed over company gifts to participants of a Tournament of Locomotor Activity of the Mentally Handicapped, organised by the centre.
The tournament took place on 25 April; disabled young people from the School Preparing for Work at the Special School and Education Centre No. 2 in Płock were its participants. A Training of Locomotor Activity - rehabilitation programme of Special Olympiads, developed for mentally handicapped persons who cannot take part in other sports due to a degree of their handicap was a key element of the tournament.
Small gifts gave participants of the Tournament great joy and honoured their efforts made in preparations.
ORLEN Laboratorium actively supports local initiatives and projects for persons in need, in line with the principle that while doing so little we do something important and enormous - we give others joy, sense of fulfilment and a chance for better tomorrow.

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