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We participate in proficiency tests and inter-laboratory comparisons

28-01-2013  News

A proficiency test program for diesel oil, launched in September 2012 and organised by the Institute for Interlaboratory Studies "iis" in the Netherlands, ended on 10 January. Two Płock laboratories of the company took part in the tests: Fuels and Aromatics Laboratory, Crude Oil Processing Laboratory and more than 100 European laboratories. The scope of the tests covered over a dozen names.
Each laboratory participating in the program received the same samples of diesel oil in order to carry out analyses of parameters established earlier.
The company's laboratories finished the tests with good or satisfactory results (according to the scale: good - satisfactory - mediocre - unsatisfactory). This means that they are fully competent units controlling the quality of diesel oil at the highest level.
While fulfilling requirements of the Polish Centre for Accreditation and provisions of the PN-EN ISO 17025 standard, in view of possessed Accreditation Certificate AB 484, the company's laboratories are obliged to take part in proficiency test programs and inter-laboratory comparisons (PT / ILC) at least once for each testing sub-branch in the four-year accreditation cycle. Based on the company's schedule for participation in proficiency tests and inter-laboratory comparisons for 2012 - 2015, the company acknowledges proficiency on an ongoing basis in comparisons organised by institutions from all over Europe for laboratories from the chemical industry. The aim of the proficiency tests and inter-laboratory comparisons is to create a possibility of determining and verifying technical competence of laboratories which conduct quality analyses. The program checks whether laboratories participating in comparative tests analyse samples fairly and whether methods applied by them work well in routine tests used in a particular laboratory. The personnel's competence is also subject to verification.
ORLEN Laboratorium participates in programs of recognised organisers - institutions which have an implemented and certified system for organisation of proficiency tests in accordance with PN-EN ISO/IEC 17043 standards.

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