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We measure Customer satisfaction

18-01-2013  News

With the end of another year, we commenced activities aimed at measuring the degree of content of our Customers with services provided by us in the course of past 12 months.
An anonymous questionnaire whose queries are formulated in a manner enabling obtainment of significant - from the perspective of improvement of services provided - information is an instrument by means of which ORLEN Laboratorium monitors customer satisfaction.
The questionnaire can be filled out in an electronic version on our website or in writing - in the company's laboratories where it is afterwards put into a box, intended specially for this purpose, to remain anonymous.
The survey's most significant objective is to acquire information to be used for improvement of quality of our services, the way of offering them, and for upgrade of general customer service.
Outcomes of the questionnaires give us information about Customers, but mainly about their assessment of services provided by ORLEN Laboratorium and our laboratories.
Feedback contained in the questionnaires is a valuable source of knowledge and instruction to us how to upgrade the quality of our Customer service.

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