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We give a helping hand

01-02-2013  News

From 7 to 13 January of the current year, the "Helping Hand" Association in Płock organised a sports and ski camp for persons under its care - mentally handicapped young people from the Special Training and Education Centre No. 2 in Płock - in Zakopane under the banner: "On first name terms with skis and health". The camp was based on a prophylactic scheme which aimed at:
§   supporting the physical and psychological development of students,
§    improving knowledge of harmfulness of narcotics and alcohol and at raising the young people's   sense of responsibility for their health,
§   acquiring information and skills concerning safe behaviour and cooperation in a group,
§   teaching skiing.
During the camp, students took part in theme workshops, theoretic classes with films and presentations on addictions and healthy lifestyle as well as in sports and rehabilitation classes.
ORLEN Laboratorium was one of the sponsors of the camp - gave company rucksacks and sweet presents to its participants.
On 25 January the President of the "Helping Hand" Association expressed thanks to President of the Management Board, Józef Więckowski, for assistance in organisation of the camp.

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