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ORLEN Laboratorium Recognised as the Reliable Company for the Eighth Time

03-03-2014  News

ORLEN Laboratorium has received the RELIABLE COMPANY Certificate for the eighth time in a row which confirms that we continue to meet all the commitments assumed by the company in a timely manner, and that we demonstrate our respect for the environment and consumer rights. On 28 February, the National Final Gala of the 12th edition of the Reliable Company Programme was held at which the company was presented with the certificate as an acknowledgement of its consistently strong brand position, as well as being a reliable and trustworthy business partner and employer.
ORLEN Laboratorium first participated in the Programme and was granted the certificate in 2006. Year after year, the company passed the consecutive stages of the verification process carried out by experts, consumers and business partners constituting the Jury to be repeatedly awarded the title of the RELIABLE COMPANY. In 2010 it was presented with the programme anniversary Golden Certificate; in 2012 it received a bronze statuette for being a seven-time certificate winner.

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