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Sitting of the Employees' Council

18-03-2013  News

The first this year sitting of the Employees' Council of ORLEN Laboratorium was held on 14 March. It was attended by President of the Management Board, Józef Więckowski.
The Company's economic situation, staffing and structure of employment, organisation of work and the most significant activities of the Company planned for 2013 were discussed at the sitting.
The Employees' Council comprises 5 staff members of ORLEN Laboratorium who have been chosen in election conducted in the Company in 2010. A term of office of the Employees' Council lasts 4 years.
Its main task is to strengthen a dialogue in the company and enhance an information flow between the employer and employees. The employer provides the Council on an ongoing basis with information e.g. on the Company's activity and its economic situation as well as on any actions which may lead to significant changes in the Company.

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