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Safe Thursdays in ORLEN Laboratorium

11-02-2013  News


For the purpose of upgrading the occupational safety standards and increase effectiveness of preventive activities within this scope, ORLEN Laboratorium applies a regulation based on which the first Thursday of each month is the Occupational Safety Day.
Within the OSD there are meetings of the company's staff members on e.g. dangerous activities and methods of work carried out and applied in particular divisions and laboratories, potential threats, reasons for them and possibilities of preventing them, as well as trainings, including practical trainings, related to the OHS, fire-protection, chemical rescue and environmental protection.
However, staff members of ORLEN Laboratorium remember that protection of the work environment and natural environment does not only include observance of a comprehensive list of procedures, but it mainly boils down to everyday awareness that the condition of the environment in which we live depends on us, and ipso facto - our health and safety.
Therefore, every day while performing work it should be remembered to comply with OHS provisions, minimise a negative impact on the environment and reduce emission of harmful substances.

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