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ORLEN Laboratorium Co-organises Science and Technology Conference of POLLAB - Polish Testing and Research Laboratories Club

20-11-2012  News

On 3-5 October, the Science and Technology Conference – 9th Discussion Forum “Analytical and Technological Quality Aspects of Contemporary Petroleum and Gas Products and Biofuels" was organised by POLLAB - Polish Testing and Research Laboratories Club as part of the PETROL-GAZ section. ORLEN Laboratorium co-organised the conference opened with a presentation from Józef Więckowski, President of the Management Board, on the operations of the Company and the implemented management systems. The conference provided an opportunity for exchanging views and information about the newest market trends among a selected group of business operators related to broad-based fuel quality. An additional attraction for the participants was a sightseeing tour of the Company’s state-of-the-art facility – PTA laboratory which uses innovative technologies, equipment and analytical methods to carry out tests and analyses necessary for ensuring compatibility with quality criteria defined for the manufacturing process and the product - terephthalic acid (PTA).

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