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ORLEN Laboratorium- Leader of the Entrepreneurship Development and Promotion Programme 2010

15-06-2010  News

On the 15th of June, in the Palace of Culture and Science, the IV Economic Forum "MAZOVIA – Perspectives for development 2010" took place. The main topics were: Development Strategy for the Mazovian Voivodship, EU subsidies in the 2007-2013 financial perspective, EURO 2012 – opportunities for entrepreneurs and members of local governments, Public-Private Partnership. The crown event of the Forum was the ceremonial gala during which ORLEN Laboratorium was awarded the statuette of the Leader of the Entrepreneurship Development and Promotion Programme. The statuette is awarded by the Chapter of the Programme consisting of the organizers of the programme, in consultation with the Programme Partners and Patrons including, among others, the Marshall’s Office, Office of the Capital City of Warsaw and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. The award is granted to firms and institutions which in a special way contribute to the development of the Mazovian entrepreneurship. For the activities in this field ORLEN Laboratorium was granted the title of the Programme Leader, and the statuette was received by the President of the Management Board, Mr. Józef Więckowski. The Entrepreneurship Development and Promotion Programme addressed to the Mazovian enterprises aims at facilitating the trade relations and the cooperation of the entrepreneurs, public institutions and the financial sector.

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