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ORLEN Laboratorium - Member of the PCS Technical Committee

01-10-2009  News

​On the 1st of October, 2009 ORLEN Laboratorium was appointed the member of the Petroleum Products and Exploitation Liquids Technical Committee of the Polish Committee for Standardisation No KT 222. In the Committee' works the Company is represented by three employees of ORLEN Laboratorium.
The technical committees are set up by the President of the Polish Committee for Standardisation. Their task is to carry on works in their thematic scope and the fulfilment of the standardization objectives by means of the development of the Polish Standards and other standardization documents. The representatives of the committees cooperate with the governmental administrative bodies and with the standardization organisations.

The full list of the technical committees and the scope of cooperation is available at the Polish Committee for Standardisation website: www.pkn.pl


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