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New analytical laboratory in Wloclawek

26-08-2010  News

​ORLEN Laboratorium launches another analytical post which – based on the contract with PKN ORLEN SA signed in July - will perform laboratory analyses necessary for the assurance of the production and end product quality of the terephthalic acid - PTA. The new installation of PKN ORLEN S.A. - Terephthalic Acid Plant (PTA) – localised on the premises of PKN ORLEN in Wloclawek is one of the major elements of the Concern’s petrochemical part expansion project and at the same time the world-scale venture being an important step for the chemical industry development in Poland. The demand for terephtalic acid has been growing incessantly for many years. The terephtalic acid finds applications mostly in the plastics industry, as the basic raw material for the production of polyesters most of everyday use products are made from. It is also used in the pharmaceutical sector and many other branches of the chemical industry. Thanks to the new installation PKN ORLEN S.A. will join the world leading manufacturers of this raw material.
It is a huge challenge for ORLEN Laboratorium, but also a chance for a development in a completely new field, because the PTA production process will use unique and innovative technologies. This is the first laboratory of this kind in Poland. The first samples for analysis from PTA installation will arrive to Wloclawek laboratory probably on the first days of November, but already by October the laboratory will be fully ready to complete these analyses as it will perform tests for the needs of the installation’s start-up. The ORLEN Laboratorium’s responsibility is to implement innovative analytical methods based on the licence relating to the entire PTA project, and to ensure the analytical background connected with the installation’s start-up. The laboratory will perform analyses according to PKN ORLEN S.A.’s needs and in line with the received timetable, including the analyses during industrial trials and movement tests.
The Company closed the recruitment of employees to the new laboratory. The announced job offer was answered by ca 200 interested persons, and following the initial selection 64 were invited to job interviews conducted in three rounds in the Company’s headquarters. Finally 27 people are going to be employed and the work in the laboratory will run around the clock. The position of the Head of the Laboratory was filled by Ms. Inga Żmuda – Trzebiatowska, former employee of the Technical Department in the Company, and earlier on – the Head of the Regional Laboratory in Zgierz.
This is the next challenge for the Company on its way to expansion – says Józef Więckowski, President of the Management Board of ORLEN Laboratorium– I am convinced that being an efficient and dynamic firm we can meet this challenge. The start-up of the Laboratory in Wloclawek was preceded by the months of strenuous work of all those directly involved in this enterprise. At the moment we are at the final stage of works leading to the commencement of the Laboratory’s operations.
ORLEN Laboratorium has 16 laboratories in its structures - 8 Płock Laboratories located on the premises of PKN ORLEN S.A. production plant and 8 Regional Laboratories all over the country: in Warsaw, Olsztyn, Wrocław, Katowice, Szczecin, Lublin, Ostrów Wielkopolski and Jedlicze. The Laboratory in Wloclawek as the next Regional Laboratory will serve PKN ORLEN S.A. in the first place and will provide services according to the needs of PTA plant.

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