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Logistics Department in ORLEN Laboratorium

01-08-2010  News

​Starting from the 1st of August ORLEN Laboratorium will collect the samples from PKN ORLEN installations and deliver them to laboratories at its own account.
The efficient collection and transport of samples is one of the key elements of the efficient customer service provided by ORLEN Laboratorium. Pursuing its goal, that is the provision of complex services – from sample collection through its transportation, performance of the commissioned analyses to the attainment of the results and their delivery to the customer – the Company set up the Logistics Department, with the task of coordinating the activities in this area. The Logistics Department shall be in constant touch with all the Company’s laboratories and departments which are in direct contact with the customers – this will facilitate the provision of services and shorten the time of reaction to the customer’s demands. The employees of the Logistics Department will take over the services provided for PKN ORLEN S.A. production plant in the area of sample shipment from the installations to the laboratories. They will also be responsible for sample collection at the petrol stations throughout the country and for their transportation. Mr. Mariusz Mariański, former employee of the Płock Fuels and Aromatics Laboratory was appointed the Head of Logistics Department. The aim of the Company’s logistic activities is to minimize costs by means of integrating the sample collection trips which will also have significant impact on the decrease in the analysis performance time and consequently will result in prompter delivery of the results to the customers. The effective connection of logistic activities and provided services in the framework of the Company’s laboratory network all around Poland is the undertaking which requires the involvement of both management and employees. The customer relations require the constant improvement and confirmation of the Company’s high professionalism, therefore our natural desire is to implement actions contributing to increased customer satisfaction. The implementation of the Logistics Department creation concept which emerged in the company already in the last year proves that ORLEN Laboratorium consistently pursues development and is not afraid to reach for new solutions and by these means creates the new quality of services.

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