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Honoured calendar of ORLEN Laboratorium

04-02-2013  News

A jubilee thirteen-card calendar of ORLEN Laboratorium is one of 25 showpieces presented at the exhibition "Calendars from Płock" in the Darmstadt House in Płock.
The exhibition is organised every year by the Centre for Culture and Art in Płock. Tripartite as well as one-card and thirteen-card calendars of companies and institutions from Płock were entered for it. Calendars sent in this year were shown at a vernissage on 22 January and can be watched by the end of the exhibition i.e. by 13 February.
A calendar of ORLEN Laboratorium was distinguished in Płock Gazeta Wyborcza by authors of an article on the exhibition who wrote: "it contains so clear photographs of nature that one can suspect that they have been taken by a computer graphic designer. Especially those saturated with warm spring and summer colours - just fine for the middle of freezing winter." (Gazeta Wyborcza Płock, issued on: 30-01-30, "Calendar of 2013, and coffee of 1910").

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