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The JET A1 aviation fuel analyses
Tested parametr
Test method
Acidic number ASTM D 3242
Aromatic HC content
ASTM D 1319
Total sulphur content
ASTM D 4294
Mercaptan sulphur content
ASTM D 3227
Fractional composition (distillation)
Flash point
Density at 15°C
ASTM D 1298
ASTM D 4052
Crystallisation temperature
ASTM D 2386
ASTM D 5972
Kinematic viscosity at -20°C
ASTM D 445
Combustion value
ASTM D 4529
ASTM D 3338
Smoke point flame height ASTM D 1322
Naphthalene content
ASTM D 1840
Copper-corrosive action within 2h at 100° C
ASTM D 130
Thermal stability
ASTM D 3241
Inherent resin content
ASTM D 381
Water reaction of aviation fuels, appraisal of the water-fuel interface ASTM D 1094
Modified Water Separation Index (MSEP)
ASTM D 3948
Determination of Saybolt Color of Petroleum Products (Saybolt Chromometer Method)
ASTM D 156
Lubricity, the BOCLE test method
ASTM D 5001
Content of solid impurities
ASTM D 5452
Solid impurities content and filtration time in aviation fuels
Electric conductivity
ASTM D 2624

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