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Water analyses
Tested parametr
Test method
Aliphatic hydrocarbons content. Determination of the C7-C30 hydrocarbons’ sum – gas chromatography
Determination of ammonium - Part 1: Manual spectrometric method
PN-ISO 7150-1
Total nitrogen content. Calculation method
Internal test method
Determination of nitric nitrogen – colorimetric method with sodium salicylate
Determination of nitrites: molecular absorption spectrometric method
PN-EN 26777
Detection and enumeration of Escherichia coli and coliform bacteria - Membrane filtration method
PN-EN ISO 9308-1
Enumeration of culturable micro-organisms. Colony count by inoculation in a nutrient agar culture medium PN-EN ISO 6222
Examination and determination of colour
PN-EN ISO 7887
Determination of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) in n-days
PN-EN 1899
Determination of free chlorine and total chlorine - Titrimetric method using N,N-diethyl-1,4-phenylenediamine
PN-ISO 7393-1
Determination of chloride - Silver nitrate titration with chromate indicator (Mohr's method)
PN-ISO 9297
Determination of the chemical oxygen demand (COD) – dichromate method 037/2007/PN-74/C-04578/03
Determination of the chemical oxygen demand index (ST-COD) - Small-scale sealed-tube method
PN-ISO 15705
Determination of free carbon-dioxide in water
PN-74/ C-04547.01
Determination of anionic surfactants by measurements of the methylene blue index. MBAS
PN-EN 903
Determination of phenol index - 4-Aminoantipyrine spectrometric methods after distillation
PN-ISO 6439
Determination of phosphorus - Ammonium molybdate spectrometric method PN-EN ISO 6878
Determination of total phosphate and o-phosphate content in circulating water
Internal test method
Determination of Kjeldahl nitrogen. Method after mineralization with selenium PN-EN 25663
Method for corrosivity of water in the absence of heat transfer (Weight Loss Method) ASTM D 2688
Determination of dissociated silica by colorimetric method with ammonium molybdate and methol as a reductant
Determination of 33 elements by inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry PN-EN ISO 11885
Determination of turbidity PN-EN ISO 7027
Determination of the pH value of water and sewage with electrolytic conductivity of 10 uS/cm and more – electrometric method
Determination of the total content of organic substances extractable with petroleum ether – weight method
Determination of sulphates(VI) with gravimetric method with barium chloride PN-ISO 9280
Determination of sulphides in water and sewage
Internal test method
Determination of dry residue, residue on ignition, loss on ignition and dissolved substances, dissolved mineral substances and dissolved volatile substances
Determination of dissolved oxygen—iodometric method
PN-EN 25813
PN-ISO 5813
Determination of the sum of calcium and magnesium. EDTA titrimetric method PN-ISO 6059
Determination of calcium content. EDTA titrimetric method PN-ISO 6058
Non-carbonate and carbonate hardness of water and hydrogen carbonate content – calculation method
Internal test method
Determination of permanganate index
PN-EN ISO 8467
Determination of total and phenolphtaleine alkalinity PN-EN ISO 9963-1
Determination of suspended solids - Method by filtration through glass fibre filters. PN-EN 872
Determination of iron - Spectrometric method using 1,10-phenanthroline PN-ISO 6332
Determination of total chromium – colorimetric method with diphenylcarbazide PN-77/C-04604/02
Determination of hexavalent chromium (Cr6+) and trivalent chromium (Cr3+) PN-77/C-04604/08
Determination of the total number of bacteria, fungi and yeasts and sulphate-reducting bacteria – biological test method
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