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Sewage analyses
Tested parametr
Test method
Determination of suspended solids - Method by filtration through glass fibre filters
PN-EN 872
Determination of iron - Spectrometric method using 1,10-phenanthroline. PN-ISO 6332
Determination of total chromium – colorimetric method with diphenylcarbazide PN-77/C-04604/02
Determination of hexavalent chromium (Cr6+) and trivalent chromium (Cr3+) PN-77/C-04604/08
Aliphatic hydrocarbons content. Determination of the C7-C30 hydrocarbons’ sum – gas chromatography
Determination of ammonium - Distillation and titration method PN-ISO 5664
Determination of benzene and some derivatives - Part 2: Method using extraction and gas chromatography
ISO 11423-2
Total nitrogen content. Calculation method Internal test method 047/2007
Determination of nitric nitrogen – colorimetric method with sodium salicylate PN-82/C-04576.08
Determination of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) in n-days PN-EN 1899
Determination of chloride - Silver nitrate titration with chromate indicator (Mohr's method)
PN-ISO 9297
Determination of the chemical oxygen demand (COD) – dichromate method 037/2007/PN-74/C-04578/03
Determination of the chemical oxygen demand index (ST-COD) - Small-scale sealed-tube method
PN-ISO 15705
Determination of anionic surfactants by measurements of the methylene blue index. MBAS
PN-EN 903
Determination of phenol index - 4-Aminoantipyrine spectrometric methods after distillation
PN-ISO 6439
Determination of phosphorus - Ammonium molybdate spectrometric method PN-EN ISO 6878
Determination of Kjeldahl nitrogen. Method after mineralization with selenium PN-EN 25663
Determination of furfural content in industrial sewage Internal test method 067/2008
Determination of 33 elements by inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry PN-EN ISO 11885
Determination of the pH value of water and sewage with electrolytic conductivity of 10 uS/cm and more – electrometric method
Determination of the total content of organic substances extractable with petroleum ether – weight method
Determination of sulphates(VI) with gravimetric method with barium chloride PN-ISO 9280
Determination of sulphides in water and sewage Internal test method 043/2007
Determination of dry residue, residue on ignition, loss on ignition and dissolved substances, dissolved mineral substances and dissolved volatile substances
Determination of the polar and non-polar organic substances extractable with petroleum ether – weight method
PN-74/ C-04573.02
Determination of dissolved oxygen—iodometric method PN-EN 25813
PN-ISO 5813

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