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About the company
ORLEN Laboratorium S.A. is one of the foremost Polish companies which carry out analyses of fuels, petroleum products, water, sewage, soil and air. In order to meet our customers' needs and to confirm the high standard of our services we operate in the system compatible with the international norm PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025. This standard includes both the guidelines governing the quality management in the laboratory and the technical requirements influencing the proper performance of the tests.
The proper functioning of the management system and the acknowledgement and recognition of technical competences were confirmed by the positive assessment by the independent auditors of the Polish Centre of Accreditation and by the Certificate of Accreditation No AB 484 which we obtained on the 9th of April 2004.

We form a dynamic, creative and efficiently operating team built of the perfectly trained, highly qualified employees working in our country-wide network. We win our customers' confidence with our knowledge of the needs of the modern market, meeting deadlines and the high quality of our services, as well as with the following:
  • The most modern test techniques and methods, and the state-of the art laboratory equipment;
  • The shortest possible testing time - some of our laboratories work around the clock (24 hours a day);
  • Technical equipment which is the largest testing apparatus and laboratory equipment base in Poland - our octane and cetane test engines make 80% of all engines of this type in Poland;
  • Adaptation to growing quality requirements for laboratory services - we perform our analyses in compliance with not only Polish, but also European and American standards.

We kindly invite you to make use of the Company's experience and to engage in cooperation with us.​


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